Raclette Melter from TTM

Raclette Melter for Household and Restaurant

bring the dining experience one step closer to the traditional form of a raclette dining. Long ago Swiss laborers placed their cheese close to the fire until the cheese started to melt. Closely imitating this is the heating unit of these raclette machines.  The cheese is placed close to the heat, melting the cheese until bubbly then scraped off with a knife. Below are a variety of electric and modern flame machines from TTM, Switzerland. The raclette melters are also available for 220 Volt to ship to other countries. Please contact us at info@RacletteCorner.com.

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Raclette Melter for Professional use

The following raclette melters are great to accomodate big gatherings. These machines are also suitable for use in restaurants or other professional environment. They have room for up to 2 half wheels of cheese or 2 rectangular pieces. Some machines allow alternating between the pieces, others can melt both pieces simultaneously thus allowing to double the output. If you need the machine for every day use we recommend the ZINAL or the EVOLENE.

While these TTM raclette machines are great for entertaining the traditional way, you might be interested in the more modern version that functions like an indoor grill, where everybody can do their own cooking. Please checkout our Raclette grills from Swissmar, TTM and Stoeckli. They come with a non-stick aluminum, cast iron, or granit stone grill top. Some raclette even have a reversible non-stick grill top where the flat surface with circle molds makes it easier for you to prepare perfect pancakes, eggs, crepes, or just a great place to warm your tortillas, while the grilling surface is for meats, vegetables, seafood...the possibilities are endless. Use our granite stone to create a gourmet experience. While the granite stone takes a little longer to heat up, it also is a little easier to clean and you don't need to be so careful when handling the food on the grill top. For more tips and recipes, please check out our recipe page here and let the fun beginn.

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