TTM Raclette cheese melter Ambiance for 1/2 round of cheese
TTM Raclette cheese melter Ambiance for 1/2 round of cheese
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Enjoy your raclette dish the original way. Melt the cheese near a heating source and scrape it off onto your plate. This set includes a raclette cheese holder, sturdy base and quartz light mechanism for melting cheese. The cheese holder swivels and slants downward, to ease the scraping of melted cheese, and designed to accommodate either a half round or a square piece of raclette cheese.

Made In Switzerland!
1000 Watt
115 Volt for US market available for 220 volt per request
Dimension 19" l x 10.5" w x 13.5" h
Made in Switzerland
Manufacturer TTM
Warranty 24 month limited manufacturer warranty
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Great Machine, Fantastic Service!Following a recent trip to Switzerland, we brought over a wheel of cheese. Due to the voltage difference, 110v cheese melters were not available in Geneva. We found the same make, US compatible model online at the and ordered the TTM Raclette cheese melter Ambiance for 1/2 round of cheese . The website indicated that they would ship it (ground) the very next day. After ordering the melter, allowing time for delivery, we invited some close friends over to try it out. The day following the order, I received an email from Sonja at Raclette Corner relating that there was a delay in receiving the product from Switzerland and it would ship in two days. I replied and asked if it would arrive in time to entertain our friends or whether we should reschedule. Sonja kindly assured us that the raclette melter would arrive on time and asked not to alter our plans. She then followed up by shipping it at the appropriate speed to keep her promise. We have used the melter twice and it works as expected, just like the one’s in Switzerland. (It is after all, the same machine made to work at 110v). What makes the different is the service! I would recommend this business (and the TTM Raclette Ambience) whole heartedly. Written by de Silva family on Mon 10 Oct 2016 5:05:09 AM GMT
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