The Pizza and Raclette 'Party' Grill is as versatile as it is fun. It functions as a traditional raclette, and grills tasty meats and vegetables. An additonal heat source from below allows to create crispy mini-pizzas. The dough can be made from scratch (see enclosed recipe book) or use the pre-made dough as short cut. Both heat sources have a seperate on/off switch for optimal heating depending on your needs. The grill comes with a non-stick grill top or a natural stone top. The nonstick can be turned over and to be used to make tasty crepes or pancakes. Includes 6 non-stick dishes and plastic spatulas, a dough cutter, a crepe spreader (with the non-stick grill top) and an introductory recipe book that includes not only raclette recipes, but pizza and crepe recipes as well. This is a great combination for those who want even more variety at the dinner table.
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